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Carl Colbert provides a wide spectrum of legal services. From individual to corporate to international issues, Carl can help achieve your legal objectives. Please contact our office to discuss your special requirements.

International/Cross Border

The world is getting smaller and smaller every day.  More and more businesses are taking advantage of markets outside of the United States every day.  The world of cross-border transactions can be a lucrative one, but can often be, frought with dangers and traps for the unwary.  Carl Colbert has extensive experience negotiating and closing transactions involving US interests all over Asia, Europe and South America.  Don’t go it alone, especially Internationally.  Seek expert cross-border counsel before attempting a transaction either completely or partially beyond US Borders.


 Business & Corporate Law

Before moving his practice to Washington, Carl Colbert was a corporate attorney. Carl began his corporate career in New York City and later practiced internationally in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore. Carl still advises a variety of corporate clients in Washington with respect to corporate formation, contract drafting, review and compliance and a variety of other matters. Carl is a strong believer in the idea that proper attention to corporate formation and proper documentation of various personal and corporate interrelationships can serve to avoid needless litigation down the road, and attempts to position his corporate clients to avoid, as much as possible, litigation risk and exposure. Of course, Carl recognizes that litigation is not always avoidable, and is available to aggressively prosecute or defend his Clients' claims as they arise during the course of his corporate representation.



Business is done on paper.  In this game, he (or she) with the best lawyer wins.  Carl Colbert has over 20 years experience drafting and negotiating agreements, from the ‘simplest’ real estate purchase and sale to the most complex leveraged multinational acquisition.  If you need a contract drafted or negotiated, seek expert advice at the earliest possible stage, preferably well before you propose or agree to a term sheet. 

If the contract is already done and now there is a problem, either a potential breach, an anticipated breach or even an actual one, we can be of assistance.  We have litigated scores of contract cases over the years.  If we can obtain a successful resolution short of trial, we certainly will, but if we can’t we are not afraid to litigate through verdict.  Before you pick a contract attorney, be sure you ask them how many cases they have taken THROUGH VERDICT, and then ask them how many in front of a jury.  Your case is only as good as the attorney handling it.  Don’t lose your case before you even start by hiring less than the best.


Real Estate

With over twenty years of experience in the field of Real Estate Law, Carl is an invaluable resource when it comes to issues surrounding the purchase, sale and ownership of real property. Carl has counseled hundreds of clients over the years with respect to their unique real estate circumstances. Carl's clients range from individuals with issues concerning the property around the family home, to seasoned investors with vast real estate portfolios. In addition, Carl has carved out a "niche" wherein he advises both new and seasoned real estate investors with structuring and protecting investments involving houses for 'flipping' or for rental income. Carl leverages his expertise in asset protection and corporate/business law in order to most effectively advise his real estate clients. As with all things, proper preparation is the key to avoiding conflict and dispute later, but when litigation is called for, Carl stands ready to fight for his clients in court. Carl has handled a range of real estate matters from pre-litigation counseling all the way through trial.


Wills, Trusts, Estates

Carl is a firm believer in preparation for the inevitable as well as for the unexpected. For each one of us this mortal life will end. Part of this preparation requires that individuals as well as corporate entities consider the impact death or incapacitation will have on one's family and affairs. With these considerations in mind, Carl aids in the memorialization of an estate plan tailored to each specific situation.

As part of an individualized estate plan, many individuals also choose an organizational structure that can legally and effectively minimize exposure to potential loss of assets by unforeseen liabilities during life.


Asset Protection

Onshore and Offshore and everything in Between…  

You have worked too hard for the assets you own to have some greedy Plaintiff take them from you.  If you think that insurance is an adequate protection from liability, take a quick look at the exclusions in any given policy, I can assure you that the exclusions continue on for more pages than the protections…

If you own your home in your personal name you are simply asking for someone to take it from you.

There are some EXTREMELY simple and cost effective ways to protect your assets.  Depending upon your own unique situation, there are also some more complex ways that provide additional layers of protection.

To not even consider employing such strategies, to put it simply, is a bad idea.  And if your attorney hasn’t explained the options to you, maybe you need a new attorney.

We can help you with simple ‘local’ strategies, all the way through (should you wish) more complex (but completely legal) offshore asset protection strategies.  Rest assured, even these offshore strategies leave your assets safely where you want them, here in the United States.

One last thing, asset protection HAS to be done BEFORE your liability arises.  Please don’t wait until after a Plaintiff is after you, it DRAMATICALLY reduces what we can do for you in terms of an asset strategy.



Even the most careful planning cannot reduce to zero the chance of a dispute.  When a dispute arises, your case is only as good as the lawyer your choose to champion it.

Believe me, the sooner you consult competent counsel (preferably before litigation arises in the first place) the better.   But remember, as with any profession, there are various skill levels out there in the law game.  Find out where your attorney went to law school, how long he has been practicing, how many cases he has handled, and perhaps most importantly, how many trials he has taken to VERDICT.  I see it too much (and take advantage of it for my clients all the time).  Some lawyers are good at talking the game, but when it comes to actually going to trial, they are scared to death.

There are no weight classes in court, and the success of your case depends upon the caliber of you counsel.   If a case is worth prosecuting or defending isn’t it worth hiring a heavyweight?


Criminal Defense

Carl Colbert has been aggressively and effectively defending those accused of crimes ranging from DUI to Murder for over twenty years. Over that period of time Carl has developed a reputation for tenacious defense -- from the initial filing of charges against a client all the way through trial. Carl has defended the accused in scores of Washington courts, from San Juan County to Gray's Harbor County to Cowlitz County in the west and from Kittitas County to Spokane County in the east. Over the years, Carl has defended hundreds of cases, conducted scores of trials, and has obtained favorable outcomes for the vast majority of his Clients. In connection with his Criminal Defense practice, Carl has been featured prominently in both the local and national media, including appearances on CBS's 48 Hours, CBS's 48 Hours Mysteries, CBS's 48 Hours Hard Evidence, various ID Channel programs, A & E Network's American Justice and Oxygen Network's Snapped.


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